Monday, October 18, 2010

Renewing your Vows with a Wedding Ring

An anniversary is an important date to remember, and giving anniversary rings is way to show the one you love, exactly how much you care. For most couples around the world, the anniversary marks a milestone in the relationship. The anniversary signifies another year together and another year of love and commitment.
The most common “major” anniversaries are the first anniversary, the 5th anniversary, the 10th, and then every ten years. For one of the major milestones, a common practice is for couples to renew their vows and exchange wedding rings again. By renewing their vows, couples are reaffirming their love for one another in a public (or private) venue and strengthening their bonds.

HappY Anniversary Momy & DadyImage by *Zoha.N via FlickrOne important thing to think of when deciding to renew your vows or give in anniversary ring is price. Can you afford to hold another reception or rent church? Will you be inviting guests? After deciding you can afford it, the next thing is to pick out new wedding rings. When picking out rings, try to get our spokes input on the selection. The last thing you would want to do is purchase a ring she dislikes. Some couples see renewing their vows as an opportunity to have their wedding the right way since some were unable to have a nice wedding the first time around.

If you decide renewing your vows and having a second wedding is not a reasonable option, anniversary rings are always a good choice.
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