Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gold Wedding Rings: Classic Choice for Wedding Rings

Gold rings have become part of traditional choice for wedding occasions. Choosing the right wedding bands is an important part of the planning which must be given enough time in order to better choose the one that suits the couple’s size, taste and budget. 
There are certain factors that need to be considered in choosing a gold ring and this includes the carat and the quality of gold. For instance, 24k is of basically pure than a 14k gold. The higher the carat is, the higher is the ratio of gold to other alloy contained on a piece of jewelry. Such that in the example, the 24-carat gold is considered to have no other metals present because of its 99.9 percent gold property. However, compared to other lower carat bands, the purer the gold is, the softer is its quality and may not actually be ideal to wear on a daily basis.A Möbius strip employed as a gold wedding band...Image via Wikipedia
According to experts, the best gold wedding rings are usually those that are made of 14-carat due to its firmer gold property which makes it possible even to be worn everyday. Although the quality of 14-carat gold is stronger, it is still considered soft enough to be crafted as bands.
Aside from the carat, it is also important that you choose a wedding band according to its fit. Make sure that you use a ring sizer in order to avoid confusion when it comes to sizes.
Among the popular choice for wedding rings in gold is the 14K gold twisted rope wedding band perfect for both men and women. Two thin bands of gold are woven together to create that twisted rope effect which can be further customized to your choice of either white of yellow gold. This style is available online or from your local jewelry store.
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