Monday, November 1, 2010

The Trick To Choosing Engagement Rings

For many men, choosing engagement rings is a daunting task. Choosing rings involves all of the things that a lot of us really aren’t really great at like, fashion, style and color coordination – which is nothing like choosing men’s wedding rings. But don’t worry; here are a couple tricks to find out exactly what she wants in a ring before you have to make any big decisions.

Tip 1: When your girlfriend brings up engagement or marriage, ask subtle probing questions.  This may sound easy but it’s actually quite tricky if you want her to not catch on. If she’s talking about a mutual friend, try to ask her what she thinks about the girls ring. Also, try to ask her what her idea of the perfect wedding would be, because chances are, she will also mention the ring. This is a great “sneak tactic” to gather information from your girlfriend when you are choosing engagement rings.
Cover of Cover of The Perfect Wedding
Tip 2: Stop by the jewelry store to “look at a watch” and happen to pass by the rings.  When you pass by the rings, make a comment on one that you like and gauge her response. Keep casual about it, and try to figure out which ones she likes the most as ask why. Don’t linger too long though, or she will get the suspicion that something is up.

If you want to make it a surprise, the best way to go about it is by using investigative techniques like the ones above.  Once you have a good idea of what she likes, you can easily find men’s wedding rings to match.

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