Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wedding Ring Sets – Practical or Not?

Wedding ring sets consist of the bridal set of rings namely the engagement ring and the matching, sometimes, interlocking wedding ring. On some occasions, the groom’s wedding ring is also included. Couples who are out in the market for rings usually want to know whether buying the said rings as a set is the right and practical way to go.

Why buy rings in sets?
Grooms-to-be have long bought engagement rings in a bridal set. A set was more affordable but did not sacrifice the taste of the buyer. Often these sets come at a better price and a great incentive because you purchase two rings at once. Moissanite engagement ringImage via Wikipedia
When the time comes for you to have these cleaned, it will be easier to go to the single jeweler you bought the rings from instead of going to two different jewelers for two different rings. 
Furthermore, sets guarantee that the engagement and wedding rings match each other without worrying about differences in the shade of the metal. 
The rings in the set were meant to be worn side by side and were thus very simple.  Often, these sets consisted of a solitaire engagement ring and a matching metal making up the band.  However, due to the limited variety available, many have chosen to buy rings separately. 
Nowadays, the classic forms are still popular, but a wider range of fashionable rings have become available. 

What are the options available?
Wedding ring sets now come in unique designs and shapes.  The two bands are designed to fit each other.  The wedding bands can be simple and made to rest upon the solitaire engagement ring, just beneath the diamond. Some sets feature wedding bands that curve to reflect the shape of the engagement ring. Still, other sets are designed to allow the engagement ring to slide between two portions of the wedding band so that the wedding band forms a scaffold around it. These rings slide into the finger looking like a single rather than two rings. 
Given all these new choices, couples see the beauty of buying wedding rings that comes in a set with their engagement rings
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