Thursday, September 9, 2010

Two Rings in One – Many Couples Are Opting For Two Tone Wedding Rings

The popularity of two tone wedding rings among newlyweds is rising. A two tone ring allows couples to create new and unique designs that they can have a part in making. If the two of you have your own unique style, then you know how difficult it can be to find something in a store that matches that style perfectly. Your wedding rings are something that you will wear a lifetime, and their style should reflect more than what was popular at the time you were married, it should reflect on the style the two of you have as a couple.
One of the best things about two tone weddings is the ability to combine your favorite metals. Many couples want matching wedding rings, but disagree on which metal would be best. If you find that you and your sweetie cannot come to an agreement on a single metal for your rings, a two tone ring set could provide the solution you need. Not only can you design the rings yourself, but it will also serve as good practice in the art of compromise, a skill every marriage partner needs to master at some point.
When creating your two tone wedding rings do not be afraid to experiment. Your rings can have the metals you choose, regardless of what others say. While you are at it, you may want to consider having the rings engraved. You are already going to be personalizing your rings, why not go the whole nine yards, and finish it off by engraving something that is important and unique to your relationship.
If you are intrigued by the possibilities that a two tone ring offers you, visit us at to learn more about how you can create the ring that is right for you.
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